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#13766294 May 09, 2018 at 05:14 PM

Location and Timezone:Vancouver, Pacific
Tell us about yourself outside of the game. What are your other interests? I like to play guitar and skateboard

Character Information

Character Name: Slong
Working Armory Link:
Class and Specialization:rogue outlaw
Do you have any relevant alts or previous mains we should know about?zico destro lock and pizzagain spriest
Provide a screenshot in an active combat situation, preferably a raid:
Include relevant Warcraft Log parses: (first kin kill with disbanded guild benevolent) (one of last week's aggramar pull with takeout now disbanded guild)


How did you hear about teamLUST, and what made you consider applying? forum, guild disbanding
Will you be able to maintain 90% attendance? punctual and reliable
What, if any, conflicts do you anticipate with this schedule? I will notify the officers earlier
Describe your overall guild history from what you remember, starting when you began raiding. Why did you leave or why were you removed from previous guilds? I try to stay positive attitude as possible, its very frustrating environment because it involves twenty people.
What was your favorite raiding experience? What did you learn? id say my favourite raiding experience was when I was in trauma late night mythic guild, we were doing progression on sisters. it was my first ever experience of doing mythic raiding. it was very enjoyable.

More about you

What motivates you to raid in a mythic progression guild? What drives you to keep raiding? What drives you to be the best player you can be? i am motivated by pulling perfect pulls. avoiding every possible avoidable damage, progressing on fights, loots, and most of all my fellow raidmates.
What would you consider to be your best and worst qualities? Try not to mention things already in this application: I am best at trying to improve, worst at playing too much video game and wasting my life
How much time do you put into the game outside of raiding and how do you feel about Mythic+ dungeons? too many hours every week, i love doing M+


Do you have any questions or final comments for us? I appreciate your time to review my application. Thank you very much.
#13767330 May 10, 2018 at 08:05 PM
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Thanks for taking the time to fill out an application to our guild. We would like to trial you! Get in touch with an officer in game for an invite to guild, Valythe, Druiman, Muse, Wenora, or Broiled.
If you have any questions feel free to add me to your bnet Valythe#1677.
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