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Eatmymanapie (Jake)

Name: Jake
Age: 25
Location and Timezone: US, EST
Tell us about yourself outside of the game. What are your other interests?

I am a Software Engineer by profession, so I enjoy problem solving, team based coordination, as well as iterative optimization. I enjoy programming as well as maintaining my rig in my spare time. I also enjoy snowmobiling and used to dirtbike. I have two dogs and enjoy their company.

Character Information

Character Name: Eatmymanapie
Battletag: Wintersun#1970
Working Armory Link:
Class and Specialization: Frost Mage (Main) for single target fights, Arcane for Aoe Fights. I also have fire in my back pocket if needed for certain fights as well as M+ affixes. I have all legendaries for mage.
Do you have any relevant alts or previous mains we should know about? I am currently playing a disc priest on the side for fun. I've previously mained an Elemental shaman in TBC and WOTLK (Tippingcows on Magtheridon).
Provide a screenshot in an active combat situation, preferably a raid:
Include relevant Warcraft Log parses:

Previous to ABT:


How did you hear about teamLUST, and what made you consider applying? I looked on wowprogress to find teamLUST. I am applying to join a competitive Mythic raiding guild with 2-3 weekday raid times between 7:30-12 server.
Will you be able to maintain 90% attendance? Yes
What, if any, conflicts do you anticipate with this schedule? I will be attending PAX East on Thursday April 5th.
Describe your overall guild history from what you remember, starting when you began raiding. Why did you leave or why were you removed from previous guilds?

Previous to WoD I've played and mained mage since TBC and have reached over 2.2k+ in 3s. In order to accomplish this, I had to pug raid to attain trinkets to perform in arena.

Relevant Logs:

In WoD I found that I started to enjoy raiding much more than pvp and joined a mythic raiding guild called Lethal on Sargeras. I was able to progress to 5/10m playing Fire and had a blast experiencing progression raiding for the first time. In HFC the guild became more casually oriented, and raiders lost interest so I went on haitus until over a year later when Legion released.

Relevant Logs:

When Legion released I joined and raided EN with a 2 team guild on team B in Questionable on Sargeras. I was performing very well and having a great time destroying AoE Fights with my Dragon's Breath Helmet and Koralon's Scorch Belt in heroic (7/7H, 2/7M). The guild's management disassembled group B and brought the top performing players to push 7/7M. I was one of the members brought in to do progression raiding with them and helped them to push 6/7M. I ended up leaving due to all the tension between group A and group B. The guild later split apart after I left.

Relevant Logs:

Following this I joined Mollywhop/Impossible on Sargeras. When I joined this guild I knew it was the perfect fit for me. The week after I joined we pushed 7/7M EN and 1/3M ToV before Nighthold released.

In Nighthold I grinded this game much more than I should have and pushed 54 traits into both Fire and Frost Artifact weapons doing countless M+ runs to optimize my character. This tier was the first tier where I pushed my character to its limits. I swapped my character back to Frost specialization and double ice lanced my way to victory.Through the great leadership and hard work of the guild we killed Elisande and finished the tier 9/10M.

Before Tomb, many members of the guild needed to take a break since we hit patch 7.2 so hard as a guild. Some members of the guild left causing un-repairable damage. In Tomb we pushed 4/9M before the guild went on hiatus due to burning out and losing leadership.

In ABT the leadership transferred to Mal'Ganis and made Victory Lap. We have pushed 5/11M. I left Victory Lap because even though I really enjoy playing with the raiders I've progressed with for over a year, I feel that we are running in place and repeating the same mistakes. The guild is not recruiting new members to keep the mythic roster on its toes, and many members have been stagnating and continously making the same mistakes.

What was your favorite raiding experience? What did you learn?

My favorite raiding experience in this game was the week I joined Mollywhop/Impossible and was able to complete EN before the release of Nighthold. I really enjoyed joining a new environment with friendly and encouraging players.

More about you

What motivates you to raid in a mythic progression guild? What drives you to keep raiding? What drives you to be the best player you can be?

I enjoy overcoming the challenges of mythic raiding and solving the fights through progression. I like to use my character's toolset to deal with mechanics and push that sweet DPS. I continue to raid because not many games can make me feel like WoW does and keep the adrenaline surging. The feeling of accomplishment when you down the progression boss helps to drive me to play my best. I would be lying if I said I did not like to parse.

What would you consider to be your best and worst qualities? Try not to mention things already in this application:
I am a player that enjoys to problem solve and come up with creative solutions. I like to use blink or shimmer, ice block, counterspell and arcane torrent to solve different mechanics of a raid boss. I am a very vocal raider who will call out adds or mechanics are not being handled properly. I will change specs based on the raid's need to handle adds/mechanics. Sometimes I can get a little too focused on the details and need to take a step back to re-evaluate situations.

How much time do you put into the game outside of raiding and how do you feel about Mythic+ dungeons?

I have completed over 600 M+ dungeons this expansion. I really enjoy to push keys and master my different specs while running m+. Other than doing M+ I enjoy to run old content and am gearing up a Disc priest for fun.


Do you have any questions or final comments for us?

How often do you guys run guild M+, do you guys push keys to 20+? What types of group activities do you guys do outside of raid time as a guild?
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Thank you for taking the time to fill out an application to our guild!
To answer your question, we do m+ often and have a couple groups that push keys. Some of us play other games together outside WoW like PUBG and Overwatch.
We are interested in trialing you. Go ahead and get in touch with an officer in game for an invite to the guild. Valythe, Druiman, Muse or Wenora.
You can add me on bnet if you have any further questions Valythe#1677
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