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-Outside of WoW my interests are reading, my cats, and binge watching netflix until I die

My character:
- //
-Main resto druid and my balance spec is well geared (both weapons at 75)
-My hunter (Katleesi - Sargeras) was my main since I started playing but got sick of her in Legion, I mained her all throughout Emerald Nightmare and got cutting edge with her but switched to resto druid as my main after that
-Here are a few logs in Antorus, my guild hasn't done any real progression the past three weeks due to holidays and people just not showing up, hence why I'm looking for a new guild, but here are the logs that I find relevant: (most recent), (last week), (first mythic kill in Antorus)

-Saw that you're recruiting a healer on the WoW Forums
-Yes I can maintain 90% attendance
-Only possible issue, which would be extremely rare, is on Monday because I have a class that ends at 5:45 EST, but that still gives me plenty of time to get home, it would only be an emergency that would prevent me from getting home in time, which is 8:30 EST
-I didn't start raiding until Cata in Firelands and I raided Dragon Soul as well with that same guild, that was my first real raiding experience. I raided on one of the smallest servers (The Underbog) and there weren't many options but I did end up in one of the better guilds on the server and even joined the best alliance side guild, called Poisoned for a short time then I eventually transferred to a larger server. I didn't really raid throughout MoP or WoD because I took many breaks due to health issues. In Legion I realized I really wanted to mythic progress and was on Sargeras. I joined Currently Online and raided with the best team in the guild (they have many raid teams), we got cutting edge in EN and then the team broke up and I joined Impossible where I raided NH. I did very well on my druid then (you'll have to look at Katerpie-Sargeras to see any parses from NH). Ended 9/10M before ToS opened. I went to Ireland in July however, so I missed the 1st real month of progression in ToS. My guild disbanded due to loss of interests in the guild and I came to Mal'Ganis with my friend Deepdeck/Creamgirl (he's currently in Washed Up Scrubs and I did raid with him in Currently Online). I joined a guild to finish what I could of ToS Mythic before Antorus started. So I joined CTRL ALT ELITE and ended up with 7/9 M ToS before we started Antorus progression. Now we're only 2/11M due to holiday and players not showing up and lack of recruitment. I have never been removed from a guild and have usually only left due to disbandment of said guilds, but I am planning on leaving CTRL ALT ELITE due to the lack of motivation occurring in the guild. I also want to do more progression and that isn't happening with this guild, mainly due to the 2 a night raiding. (Sorry for the novel)
-So far Legion has been my favorite raiding experience. Even though I ended up in guilds that constantly disbanded, I had a great time and learned the discipline and motivation involved in mythic progression raiding.

More about me!
-I am a very competitive person by nature and being in a guild that is able to push hard content before other guilds is a satisfying feeling. Again, I just think my competitive nature pushes me to be the best I can be, and I am constantly striving to be a better healer. If I mess up on a mechanic I learn from that mistake and make sure I stop making that mistake. I'm hard on myself and constantly just want to get better.
-Best quality: I take constructive criticism very well and apply it to get better, and I also have a very positive attitude. My worst quality: sometimes I can get embarrassed easily for messing up or not knowing the correct answer.
-I get on WoW usually at least once a day. I am a college student though so on my non-raiding days I try to focus on school. But I make sure to get my +15s done no matter what and get normal/heroic farm done on my own time if need be. I also have a few alts I play on the side.

-I would just like to comment that I am a very good player in terms of mechanics and knowing my class well. I strive to do well for the raid team, not just for myself. Parses are important but I won't try to parse on progression if it gets in the way of getting the kill. I will listen, take criticism, I won't get mad about not getting loot, and I will always be on time and I will never not give a heads up if there's some sort of emergency that will prevent me from raiding one night.

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Thanks for taking the time to apply to our guild. Unfortunately we have enough healers and are specifically looking for a Restoration Shaman for our roster. Good luck in your search!
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