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Age: 33
Location and Timezone: CST - Texas
Tell us about yourself outside of the game. What are your other interests? Comp Sci. major after 14 years in the Army as an infantryman. Enjoying my time geeking out with my gf playing wow, watching star wars or even... harry potter.

Character Information

Character Name: Kromlok
Battletag: rare1#1600
Working Armory Link:
Class and Specialization: Warrior 75 Arms / 70 Fury
Do you have any relevant alts or previous mains we should know about? 72 Sub Rogue
Provide a screenshot in an active combat situation, preferably a raid:
Include relevant Warcraft Log parses:


How did you hear about teamLUST, and what made you consider applying? Wow forums, the community and professionalism of wow post and this webpage.
Will you be able to maintain 90% attendance? Yes.
What, if any, conflicts do you anticipate with this schedule? None,
Describe your overall guild history from what you remember, starting when you began raiding. Why did you leave or why were you removed from previous guilds?
Long story stuff. Started off as a pleb in vanilla, doing hybrid tanking so I could still PVP through MC and BWL. Went to Iraq and came back for BC and took on a raid lead role for KZ, GL, SSC and TK. A couple of deployments and some minor raiding as a tank through WOTLK and Cata. Boycotted MoP because I thought Pandas were stupid, I was wrong. Went all in for WoD and Legion. Struggled trying to find a mythic guild that kept momentum on Hyjal going 9/13 M HFC and some bad progression in legion before transferring to Mal'ganis. Raided with a few teams here in NH before I got burnt out with all of them falling apart for one reason or another. Wasn't very happy with the casualness of my last team and I let the raid lead know, stuck around until the end of the tier before I took my leave to find something a little more focused on clearing the digital monsters.
What was your favorite raiding experience? What did you learn?
I really loved M Gorefiend as the arms warr on souls. It was chaotic and required a high degree of communication at first, a very challenging time.

More about you

What motivates you to raid in a mythic progression guild? What drives you to keep raiding? What drives you to be the best player you can be?
I am motivated by wanting to see the most challenging content the game has to offer. To experience secret phases of encounters and the hardest mechanics. I want to adapt and overcome with a team by molding myself to the fight and raid comp, to benefit myself and the team. I keep raiding because I love the math, the different permutations of gear from the raid and mythic plus content. The math and skill that goes behind being a digital warrior is really exciting.
What would you consider to be your best and worst qualities? Try not to mention things already in this application:
I'm a perfectionist and often project this on to others. I expect them to run sims, be early, program their own weakauras, review their own logs just like I would.
How much time do you put into the game outside of raiding and how do you feel about Mythic+ dungeons?
Outside of raiding I'll always knock out 8-10 plus keys on my warrior or rogue of 10+ quality. I'd really like to push my score and try harder keys. I caught the MDI bug. At the higher key levels you really see the mechanics the devs programmed into the trash and dungeon.


Do you have any questions or final comments for us?
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"Boycotted MoP because I thought Pandas were stupid"
You're hired...

#13537171 Nov 22, 2017 at 02:57 AM
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Thanks for taking the time to apply to our guild! We would like to trial you but I want to be up front about a couple things. Currently our roster is melee heavy and we have a few trials going into Antorus. My officers and I strive to be fair with raid time, but ultimately our dps spots are competitive. If that's all fine with you, whisper an officer in game for an invite to the guild! Valythe, Druiman, Muse, or Wenora.
If you have any questions, don't hestitate to contact me on Bnet @ Valythe#1677 or on Discord @ Valythe9674
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