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Age: 31
Location and Timezone: Brazil -3 gmt
Tell us about yourself outside of the game. What are your other interests? Engineer, high progression raiding is part of my routine for some years now, I like to read a lot (favorite author is brandon sanderson)

Character Information

Character Name: Leno├▒
Battletag: lennon#1989
Working Armory Link:
Class and Specialization: Paladin mains spec Retribution, decent 3rd tank for some fights like Desolate Host
Do you have any relevant alts or previous mains we should know about? 921 Unholy DK
Provide a screenshot in an active combat situation, preferably a raid:
Include relevant Warcraft Log parses:


How did you hear about teamLUST, and what made you consider applying? Malganis wow forum, recruitment thread
Will you be able to maintain 90% attendance? I always above 90% attendance
What, if any, conflicts do you anticipate with this schedule? When stuff happens I have always let the officers know, so they can prepare in advance
Describe your overall guild history from what you remember, starting when you began raiding. Why did you leave or why were you removed from previous guilds? Raided in brazilian guilds until WoD, transfered to Mal'ganis to raid with people that aren't brazilians because of the toxicity, then did almost all content until mannoroth on HFC. Guild disbanded after several players burned out, applied for reckless and have been with them since. Usually we are at the top 20 of the server, sometimes going back to the second page. Right now I'm looking for another guild to prove myself as the good player I know I am because some officers have made it clear I'm not wanted in the main group (but I bet i can even have a recomendation from my Raid Leader with you guys want)
What was your favorite raiding experience? What did you learn? Really enjoyed the HFC, did some 100% survibility parses as tank at the time and Mythic Archimonde is to this day one of the best experiences I had in raiding. Also what I learned trough out the years is this: Raid Leader calls > defined strategy > mechanics > parses. Group overall power > my ilvl.

More about you

What motivates you to raid in a mythic progression guild? What drives you to keep raiding? What drives you to be the best player you can be? I like the atmosphere of cooperation in raids, the challenge and the feeling of progression, even if its only a entire night to get one phase right.
What would you consider to be your best and worst qualities? Try not to mention things already in this application: I'm a very calm and easygoing guy but am know to don't assert myself very well.
How much time do you put into the game outside of raiding and how do you feel about Mythic+ dungeons? Always done the required m+ for max ilvl from weekly cache and like to do challenging stuff with people I enjoy raiding with (but lots of friends left the game feeling burned out this last m+ season)


Do you have any questions or final comments for us?
I do not have any problems about being on the bench, I am very loyal to my guild, but being left out of the last couple progression kills (maiden and avatar) and seeing officers choosing people by parses and disregarding the use utility and mechanics performance made me want to go back and do progression in this bosses that i missed.
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Thank you for taking the time to apply to our guild. Unfortunately you aren't quite what we are looking for. Good luck in your search!
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