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#13473265 Oct 07, 2017 at 04:59 PM
Hey; So I'm a student who live's in Canada. My hobbies include; watching Netflix with my girlfriend, walking my dog, sewing cat toys for shelter cats and gaming. I have a 933 bm hunter who had the pleasure of doing a heroic KJ with some of the guild members, including you're raid leader and ViVI. I also have a 933 unholy/928 blood DK and a 937 disc priest, I was a raid leader for a short time for a guild on my server who didn't commit to raiding progression. I am dedicated and am online quite abit, so I believe with abit of training I could become a good possible addition or sub to this guilds' raid team. I have decent numbers, but again, with some help and training I believe I could bring my numbers up. Regardless of the outcome I am glad to have had the opportunity to raid with certain members of this guild, and hope to see many of you in the future. Thank you very much and I hope you have a nice day
#13473573 Oct 08, 2017 at 12:30 AM
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