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Name: Dustin
Age: 29
Location and Timezone: WI CST
Computer & Internet specifications. Do you have any downtime, outages or crashes? i5 6600k with 16gb paired with a gtx 1070. 60/10 internet. No issues.
Tell us about yourself outside of the game. What are your other interests? Watching movies/tv shows, avid cycler, grilling and spending time with the wife

Character Information

Character Name: Ztain
Battletag: Ztain#1826
Working Armory Link:
Class and Specialization: Frost mage
Do you have any relevant alts or previous mains we should know about? No
Provide a screenshot in an active combat situation, preferable a raid:
Include relevant World of Logs or Warcraft Logs parses:


How did you hear about teamLUST, and what made you consider applying? Mal'ganis forums and wowprogess
Will you be able to maintain 90% attendance? Yes
What, if any, conflicts do you anticipate with this schedule? Week of Aug 20th vacation or if a work thing happens
Describe your overall guild history from what you remember, starting when you began raiding. What experiences did you enjoy? Why did you leave or why were you removed from previous guilds? What did you learn? Be honest:

Started day1. I was with a few miscellaneous guilds for the first year or so then found a re-roll guild that managed to kill the first 5 in naxx. I did another re-roll guild with the release of TBC. This guild we were server first up too Void Reaver before we transferred due to the server being dead. After the transfer did not work most of us re-rolled again when Serious Casual started. Since rolling on Mal'ganis I have primarily been in Serious Casual and with few raid guilds here and there.

I primarily raided vanilla > WoTLK, and skipped Cata/MoP/WoD, and now back for Legion. Currently 7/7 mythic EN, group did not attempt mythic ToV, and currently 3/10 mythic NH.

During the first part of Cata I did rated battlegrounds, and did little raiding. Once the game got stale and most people in I knew quit, I followed suit. Same thing for MoP did rated battlegrounds for the first part then quit. For WoD not much needs to be explained just terrible overall expansion most friends did not stick around for longer than a 2 months. So far Legion has been great right up their with TBC in terms of everyone sticking around.

I have mained a mage at some point during every expansion. Its really the only class I enjoy.

More about you:

I am an IT systems support analyst for a construction company. I got married this past fall and going on our honeymoon this coming August.

What motivates you to raid in a mythic progression guild such as ours? In what way do you picture yourself standing out from other applicants? Why should we want you in our raid?
What would you consider to be your best and worst qualities? Try not to mention things already in this application:

To be the very best. I want to be part of something special were everyone knows their role. I also like to have fun killing bosses and getting all that non titanforge loots.. :( darn rng. I learn new bosses fast, I dont stand in fire, I position myself with a PvPer mindset. Let me know if I screw up but normally I just keep to myself and do my thing. I know when I screwed and I will better myself for next time. Cough cough one shotting myself on cenarius


Do you have any questions or final comments for us? Nope, talked to Valythe who answered most of my questions already. Any specific questions please let me know.
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Thanks for applying to our guild! We'll be going over your application sometime today, hopefully get back to you before our raid time. Thanks for your patience!
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Accepted as a trial. Get in touch with an officer in game for an invite to the guild!
Valythe, Druiman, Muse, or Wenora.
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